Columbia Neurosurgery Resident Spotlight: Amrita Singh, MD, PGY-1

Combining A Passion for Mathematics and the Mind with Powers of Dexterity

October 26, 2023

Columbia Neurosurgery welcomed Amrita K. Singh as one of our three PGY-1 residents earlier this summer. Originally from Farmington, Connecticut, Dr. Singh is no stranger to Columbia University, where she'd studied mathematics and statistics as an undergraduate.

An Early Interest in Medicine

Dr. Singh had always been interested in medicine and fascinated by her mother's role as a trauma surgeon. "My mother has always been my biggest supporter. She's still practicing," said Dr. Singh, whose superior academic talents led her to Yale Medical School. 

Also, as a violinist, Dr. Singh has always been good with her hands and fine motor skills, which are paramount in surgery. Says Dr. Singh, “Studying the violin gave me opportunities to perform under pressure with a high attention to detail.”

Specializing in Neurosurgery

At Yale Medical School, Dr. Singh combined her passions for math and medicine through her work in computational neuroscience, including research on the role of genetic mutations in hydrocephalus, one of the most common conditions requiring neurosurgery.  Says Dr. Singh on how this project deeply resonated with her, “It was an incredible privilege to work with patients and their families to try to understand the genetic drivers of this condition.”

Columbia Neurosurgery: A Perfect Match

During the interview process's "second look," Dr. Singh got a much deeper perspective on the Neurosurgery team's culture and leadership. "The environment is so supportive and collegial. The mentors who are also some of the world's leaders in the field were nurturing and approachable."

Dr. Singh is also excited to get exposure across the department's subspecialties via its Cerebrovascular, Pediatric, Spine, Neuro-Oncology and Functional divisions. While she's still undecided about where to specialize, Dr. Singh is interested in functional neurosurgery, specifically neurosurgery and the development of brain computer interfaces.

A special note: Earlier this year Amrita and her husband George welcomed a baby boy and greatly enjoying their time together here in NYC with their new little one.