The Society of University Neurosurgeons (SUN) Names Sean Lavine President

July 27, 2023

At its annual meeting in Southampton, The Society of University of Neurosurgeons (SUN) named Dr. Sean Lavine President and honored Dr. E. Sander Connolly with its annual Distinction of Service Award. Originating in 1965, the group has over one hundred and twenty active US members and over forty corresponding and senior members. Dr. Connolly stated, "It was a great meeting. Kudos to Dr. Michael Kaiser and Dr. Peter Angevine, two Columbia neurosurgery graduates who organized the program and sincere congratulations to Dr. Lavine on assuming the Presidency. We are very excited for his meeting in Australia next summer."

On the new role as President, Dr. Lavine said, “I am extremely honored to have been elected President. The ‘SUNs’ is truly a special group of academic neurosurgeons. Our society has provided us with multiple opportunities to establish lifelong friendships in addition to sharing meaningful science. This special group has had an immeasurable positive influence on my career and family life. I am thrilled to have a leadership role at SUNs!”

Outgoing president, Ian McCutcheon, MD, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center stated, “The SUN has a long history of fostering discussion and discovery within academic neurosurgery and has been led since its founding by many renowned figures in that field.  Dr. Lavine is the latest in that line of leaders, and we look forward to his steering this very special group with capable hands and strong heart as we collectively work to advance the academic enterprise.  He’s a wonderful choice as our newly elected president.”

Columbia Neurosurgery's leadership includes past SUN presidents, 2008 Dr. Robert Solomon, 2009 Dr. Jeffrey Bruce, 2014 Dr. E. Sander Connolly. As neuroscience rapidly evolves, Columbia Neurosurgery's involvement in international organizations like SUNs enables our team to share diverse cultural perspectives and collaborate globally to serve our patients.

For further information please visit The Society Of University Neurosurgeons website.

A few photos from our team at the 2023 Society of University of Neurosurgeons Conference.

SUNS 2023 in Southampton, NY