Meet Anne, Dr. Robert Solomon’s Patient

Anne was the picture of health. She was a triathlete, a wellness coach and a busy mom of two young boys. So when she fainted after a spin class, she knew something was wrong and went to see her doctor. After a series of tests, Anne learned she had an aneurysm on an artery near her brain. An aneurysm is a weak area in a blood vessel that balloons outward and has the life-threatening risk of bursting.


Further examination revealed that the aneurysm would be risky to treat because it had an unusual shape: It was tri-lobed. As if that were not enough, Anne also had a second aneurysm in her brain. An urgent search for treatment led Anne to Columbia Neurosurgery Department Chair Dr. Robert Solomon, a neurosurgeon and leading expert in the treatment of brain aneurysms.

Dr. Solomon listed Anne’s treatment options clearly and told her about a minimally invasive approach that would allow her to heal faster and leave no visible scars.

Anne is currently training for a half Ironman that will take place in June 2019.