Meet Dr. Sisti’s Patient, Manuel Greco

“I am very lucky,” says Manuel Greco.

These are not the first words you would expect from someone who suffers from Von Hippel-Landau (VHL) disease. This rare disease comes with a predisposition to chronic brain and spinal tumor growth and a shortened life span.

After some fifteen surgeries in as many years, Greco is eternally optimistic, though. He says this has a lot to do with his neurosurgeon, Dr. Michael Sisti, and the wonderful team at Columbia University Medical Center / New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Mr. Greco has now become a patient advocate through his work with the Von Hippel-Lindau Alliance. The group’s aim is to connect people with this rare disorder from all around the world.

Watch this video to learn more about this remarkable man, his cause, and his committed neurosurgeon.