Pain-Free from Trigeminal Neuralgia: A Patient's Global Journey Leads to Dr. Raymond Sekula

In a 6-week post-surgery interview, Dr. Raymond Sekula speaks with our patient who traveled from Trinidad to Columbia Neurosurgery. Before working with Dr. Sekula, this patient's facial pain was so severe it was challenging to place a toothbrush in his mouth. Mr. Singh's medication provided him minimal relief and undesired side effects like extreme fatigue.

Here Dr. Sekula discusses using a highly specialized microvascular decompression surgery. With a hospital stay of only mere hours, Mr. Singh departed on the same day as his operation and was completely pain-free only four days later. 

After just two and a half months, Mr. Singh shares he's still off all medications and is grateful he made the trip to NYC that dramatically improved his quality of life.

Learn more about Mr. Singh's patient experience in our interview below:

Trigeminal Neuralgia: An International Patient Story - Completely Pain-free without Medication