Columbia Neurosurgeons Named New York's Super Doctors

June 20, 2021

The skillset needed to perform complex neurosurgical procedures can make neurosurgeons seem superhuman at times. The commitment to research and high-quality patient care are not superpowers, but the result of dedication and hard work.

This year, a record number of Columbia neurosurgeons were named 2021 New York Super Doctors. In addition to our chair, Dr. E. Sander Connolly, eleven of our doctors were named Super Doctors and two were named Rising Stars (those in practice less than ten years).

The New York Super Doctors candidates were nominated by other doctors. The question “If you needed medical care in one of the following specialties, which doctor would you choose?” was posed to a pool of physicians. The candidates were evaluated on areas such as leadership positions, academic achievements and honors, and awards. The final evaluation process also includes a review by other doctors in the nominee’s specialty.

2021 Super Docs:

2021 Rising Stars:

Congratulations to all of Columbia Neurosurgery’s Super Doctors and Rising Stars!