Meet Our Team

Columbia offers world-class expertise in neurological conditions that cause facial pain. Our team is comprised of neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, neuro-anesthesiologists, and neurologists, supported by a specialized nursing team offering best-in-class care. 

Neurosurgery Team


Led by Drs. Angela Lignelli, Hamid Bagce, and Akin Fumuyide, Columbia offers state-of-the-art diagnostic services including seven 3 Tesla high-resolution MRI machines that can detect blood vessels, tumors, and other structural problems. 

  • Angela Lignelli, MD

    • Chief of the Division of Neuroradiology.
    Dr. Angela Lignelli
  • Hamid Bagce, MD, PhD

    • Assistant Professor of Radiology
    Dr. Hamid Bagce
  • Akinrinola Famuyide, MD

    • Assistant Professor of Radiology at CUIMC
    Dr. Akinrinola Famuyide


  • Paul Garcia, MD, PhD

    • Chief, Neuroanesthesia Division
    Dr. Paul Garcia
  • Maya Mikami, MD

    • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at CUIMC
    Dr. Miya Mikami
  • Gene T. Yocum, MD

    • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
    Dr. Gene T. Yocum
  • Cortessa Lynn Russell, MD

    • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at CUMC
    Dr. Cortessa Russell
  • Shailendra Joshi, MD

    • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at CUMC
    Dr. Shailendra Joshi


  • Seth L. Pullman, MD

    • Founder and Director of the Clinical Motor Control Physiology Laboratory
    Dr. Seth Pullman
  • Uri Napchan, MD

    Dr. Uri Napchan
  • Serge Przedborski, MD, PhD

    • Page and William Black Professor of Neurology
    Dr. Serge Przedborski

Floor Nurses

  • Emily Anderson, RN

    Emily Anderson, RN
  • Lauren English

    Lauren English, RN

Dr. Sekula's Nurse

  • Caroline Gacka, RN

    Caroline Gacka

Practice Associate

  • Brianna Magarin, BS